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How to defeat the final boss Captain Ferris in The Callisto Protocol 05/12/2022 08:02 #49990

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Have you made it through the threats in Black Iron Prison so far only to be stumped by the final boss making an appearance right at the end of the game? Well, if you are struggling, this guide will help you out as we offer up our strategy on how to defeat the final boss Captain Ferris in The Callisto Protocol.

How to defeat Captain Ferris in The Callisto Protocol
The final showdown between Captain Ferris and Jacob is divided into two parts, so we’ll go through them in order.

Firstly, you’ll be facing Captain Ferris in a similar battle as before, requiring the players to perfectly dodge his attacks, and deal damage to him through Jacob’s melee weapon. Whenever you’ll land a successful melee attack on him, it’ll provide the players with a short time frame to land a few critical shots with their guns.

Once he is transformed, the timing becomes more forgiving, but Jacob won't be able to take any hits. A single dodge will give players enough time to shoot him, and the best weapons for this are the Skunk Gun or Riot Gun, as both function as high-damage shotguns. He has a flesh shield in front of his face that will have to be gotten rid of by doing damage to it.

One note is that if you get far enough away from him he may spit acid-like liquid at you. If he does this either strafe to the side or hold back to block the attack. You will recoil a little bit because of the hit and take a tiny bit of damage, but it’s the easiest way to dodge the attack.

Lastly, make use of your surroundings and use the explosives placed around the room to your advantage which will help deal a significant amount of damage to Captain Ferris.

Once you’ve dealt enough damage to Ferris, he will eventually collapse which will prompt a cutscene, marking the end of this boss battle.

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