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Try it out and be inspired by our tips and tricks of Diamond Painting 10/11/2022 08:29 #49862

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The principle of “painting by numbers” is certainly still familiar to us, isn’t it? While we implemented numerous DIY projects of this kind in childhood, a new handicraft trend is now conquering the hearts of creative fans: diamond painting. Small, sparkling stones, which are glued one after the other on a canvas. Sounds pretty easy? It is! Diamond painting is therefore suitable for both beginners and craft professionals. Try it out and be inspired by our tips & tricks!

Straighten creases in Diamond Painting canvas
A great way to straighten creases is to iron the canvas from the back with very little heat. To do this, take small steps to the right temperature & carefully iron the back of the diamond painting canvas.

This way you will surely get every kink and crease out of your diamond painting canvas.

Reapply the adhesive layer to the canvas.
Sometimes when you peel off the canvas, the adhesive layer may be missing, causing diamonds to stick to the canvas. Don't worry, this has an easy fix and the only problem is that the layer sticks to the canvas cover instead of the canvas itself. Just cover the canvas again, press on it and then pull it off from another corner. You'll notice that the adhesive layer is back.

With a small motif
Basically, beginners are very well supplied with a small motif. This way you can quickly see your progress and have your sparkling result in your hands in no time!

Sort stones
There are a total of approx. 450 DMC colors for Diamond Painting stones. A normal motif has about 40-80 colors, these must of course be well sorted, otherwise a mess is pre-programmed.

You can store your various diamond painting stones very well with storage boxes or other small containers such as medicine cups.Normally, the DMC stone color is indicated on each bag. Label some adhesive strips with this number, then stick them on your container and put the stones in it.

So your diamond painting stones are in good hands and well sorted.

Start painting from the top.
Many people have their own styles of painting with diamonds, some start with the largest color of diamonds, others start on the right or left side of the canvas. Whatever you do, you should make sure that you start at the top of the canvas so that the canvas does not slip over the surface you are working on as you go along. mission is bringing the most convenient at affordable prices for Characters Diamond Art . With all the benefits of diamond painting, want to be a part of the contribution to improving your life. They are proud that all customers came with satisfy with the quality, prices and the professional customer service.

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